ClusterShot Revisited

I wrote a post a few days ago about ClusterShot and my decision to try and sell a few photos. I have a couple of updates on how that has worked out for me. Firstly, the subject of my Creative Commons license on Flickr. All the photos I want to try and sell are on Flickr, and I had licensed them on the most generous terms available. As this included giving third parties the option of using my snaps commercially I decided to review my license. After all, why would someone buy a photo of mine from Clustershot when they could take it for free from Flickr. I did change my license, still with generous usage terms, but now with non commercial rights.

My second point was in getting everything up and running in ClusterShot. Originally I had decided to create a set on Flickr and then import them into ClusterShot through the set’s RSS feed. However, that didn’t work out for me. The site didn’t seem to want to import more than 20 photos at a go, and even when importing newly added photos the next day, it would ignore the other snaps already there. Considering I had loaded hundred of photos into the set, that wasn’t much good.

I revisited the direct Flickr import option, and specified the special set I had created. I don’t want my entire Flickr collection on ClusterShot. Just my best photos. I had been worried that it would later add all new photos uploaded to Flickr, regardless of what set they were put in, as the instructions weren’t terribly specific. Happily though, the import not only worked perfectly, but subsequent imports have only taken shots added to the specified set on Flickr.

I have to say for ease of use (once I sussed that the RSS feed import wasn’t working for me!) ClusterShot has things spot on. I now have 500 photos there ready to be sold. Now comes the waiting game to see if that actually happens. I will report back in a few months. I certainly hope ClusterShot makes some inroads into the photography market because they certainly have a slick operation. Now they just need a few more photo buying customers.


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