Postcard From Toluca

Another trip out, another postcard brought back. Want it? This one is from Toluca, a smallish city about an hour outside Mexico DF. Same as ever, leave a comment below and send me an address to post it too. Most of my ‘old stock’ has been claimed, but you never know your luck, if this one has been claimed, then maybe there’s another one with your name on it – see my Postcards page.Tolucard

8 thoughts on “Postcard From Toluca

  1. I received one of your postcards. It had been so long since I had asked for one it took me three days to figure out who sent it. First I noticed the clearly British spelling of color. (Colour to you.) Then the word “whilst”–never used around here. I accused my Canadian son-in-law’s sister of sending it. Nope! Her trip to Mexico had been canceled. British-Mexico, British-Mexico….Mexico City…Ah! The Mexile. Finally I remembered. What a relief. Thank you for the post card! Christine from California.


    1. Heh! Whilst I would never accuse the Mexican Postal Service of lacking a sense of humour, and though the new colour scheme of their offices that lie amongst otherwise drab apartment blocks does brighten things up a wee tad, their concept of haste is not something I’ll applaud them for!

      Glad you got it in the end! Perhaps I should start writing ‘from The Mexile’ on these cards….:)


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