Photo of the Year

The poll to decide the best photo of my 365 project has closed. And without a winner. Two photos tied with 9 votes each. I really want a winner, so I’ve opened what is definitely, guaranteed, almost certainly, the final poll of the project! A straight 48 hour shoot out between the two photos concerned. Click here to go cast your vote…PotY600



4 thoughts on “Photo of the Year

  1. As in most elections, my candidates suffered early losses. But both of these photograophs are great. I voted. I would say I voted secretly, but it appears that all early voters are voting secretly in the same direction.


  2. It is difficult to vote secretly when the only other candidate has a total of zero votes! Although someone has since voted the other way. It is looking like a one horse race at the moment…


  3. Your vote site does not mention email security. It also offers to post as guest but no serve.

    Anyway the first looks like DF and the trees could be anywhere …. so DF


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