Photo Of The Year

This will be, I promise, the last post on the subject of my 365 photo project. The final run off poll has closed and I have a clear and undisputed winner. Although it was close. My photo of Ringwood Forest in the UK led 8 votes to 1 at one stage, but lost in the final few hours 11-10 to the snap of traffic on Mexico City’s dreaded Periferico orbital. An almost suspicious late rush indeed. So suspicious I checked the IP log to see if any Afghans or Floridians were fixing things here too….

But still, the project is complete, the final vote is complete, and the book is complete. I use Blurb to make my books, simply because their software is easy to use and the results pretty good. Although it has to be said I haven’t tried out the competition for comparison. I first created a book to publish all my weddings photos last year and it came out so well, and seemed such a better way of storing hard copies of photos than a bulky album. So I planned from day one of the 365 project to turn that into a book as well. I dare say it will sell only one copy, the one I’m buying. But if you really fancy splashing out about $25 on it, you can get it from here.



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