Bizarre Food in Mexico City

I got an email recently from someone at the Travel Channel asking whether I knew of any place to go in Mexico City to find some ‘bizarre food’. I have to say, when I first arrived here, most of it seemed pretty bizarre. I mean, what sort of people eat cactus?! Now it all, mostly, seems pretty normal to me. Tasty too!

I could think of only one place that serves up dishes that I’d consider bizarre, and it probably is perfect for the show they’re doing. Bar Chon, near the Centro Historico, specializes in pre-Hispanic cuisine. Which means bugs, armadillo and mole. There’s a witchcraft market a few minutes away that also sells intriguing potions to put in food. Oh, and of course Mercado San Juan.

Anyone got any further suggestions? Please feel free to add your favourite weird food stuffs in the comments! The video below is a (legitimately obtained!) trailer for a show they did in Nicaragua, to give you an idea of what bizarre means to them.


6 thoughts on “Bizarre Food in Mexico City

  1. In Taxco, they serve humiles, a type of ant egg. I’m not sure of the season, though I think my Mexican friend had some when we were there in February. I declined.

    Later he was sick, and while I’m not 100% sure the humiles were to blame, aside from that we pretty much ate the same thing. I was fine.

    I’ve been tempted to go to Chon when in DF, but have yet to work up my nerve.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the local food isn’t all that bizarre, but sometimes the names for it are. Grinders anyone?


    • Ed! Long time no see! Hang around here a little more amigo, you’re missed. I know you’re an Opera chap, but still. There must be a little room on your PC for this lost WP soul….!

      He ate turtle? Andrew Zimmern, or another presenter? I have seen a wildlife program with a presenter catching, killing and eating a turtle. Too much for my eyes. Change channel time….


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