Getty Images Is Calling All Flickristas

Getty and Flickr partnered up earlier this year to help top Flickr users earn a little money by selling their photos for them. It was an invite only platform to begin with, and although thousands of flickr users were invited, that represented only a tiny, tiny fraction of Flickr’s user base. That changed this week. Sort of. Getty have now opened a group to allow all Flickr users to submit their work for consideration. Then they may invite a few more lucky users to participate in the program.

I have sent a selection of shots to the group, as I’m an optimistic chap! I do have serious doubts though as to the liklihood of me receiving one of the precious invites. I strongly suspect that their pixel peeping will lead them to conclude my point and shoot compact simply doesn’t produce images to match the quality or resolution they are looking for. But still, it’s worth a try and a bit of fun too. The photos I selected have gotten quite a few extra views and comments since I added them to the group.

Want to have a go yourself? It’s easy enough. Click here for the details. You need to select the ten best photos in your Flickr collection, exactly ten. Not nine, not eleven. Ten. Bear in mind files must be 3mp or more, and any recognizable person in the photo will need a model release. If you can’t get it, don’t enter it.




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