Student Of The Year

Generally speaking, one would expect student awards to be based on achievement, progress, dedication or results. However, as I live in Mexico and try to fit in with how things are done here, I award my Student of the Year prize based on bribery, and bribery alone. Last year Carlos managed to walk off with the award based on the fact he brought me a nice chunk of real, sharp, mature cheddar cheese.

This year Cintia is the lucky recipient of this fairly worthless and arbitrary  gong. She brought me no cheese, but she did return from a trip to the UK with a Twirl and Milk Chocolate Bounty bar, two of my favourite choccy treats that simply can’t be found in Mexico. She’s also been most generous with her cigarettes when I have had none. That’s usually because I’m trying to give up, but although some would think her naughty for helping me continue such a bad and unhealthy habit, I find those smokes to be amongst the most pleasurable moments of the day. Blessed relief from those dratted withdrawal symptoms! cintia


6 thoughts on “Student Of The Year

    • There’s also some sad reality to it, hidden amongst the puns. There’s plenty of schools, private in particular, who hand out grades based not simply on exam results and hard work, but from parental pressure. Paying parents expect results. And it’s the school who’s responsible for producing them, not the kid.


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