Sound And Light

A couple of months ago we went to the Zocalo for the Independence Day celebrations, but unfortunately couldn’t see the awesome sound and light show they put on, because some inconsiderate swine had put a bloody great cathedral in between us and the National Palace, where the lights were shone.

Fortunately, they city government put the show on again the following weekend, so we went to see the Saturday event. Unfortunately, so did hundreds of thousands of other people, and the ensuing chaos meant we missed it again.  But lo and behold, we happened to be in the Centro Historico yesterday evening, and discovered they were giving the show another run. We found a decent spot, sat down, and chatted for an hour or so till a boom from the gigantic loudspeakers announced the start.

The video highlights below don’t come close to doing the show justice. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It was a fabulous display of images and music, all within the theme of independence. And possibly revolution – next weekend is the 100th anniversary of that little scuffle. But the video I took is all I have to offer. Enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Sound And Light

  1. Bob says:

    Great video! I just can’t imagine how it can be true that it doesn’t make justice to the actual show. It must have been really extraordinary then.

    BTW, next weekend is the 99th anniversary of that “little scuffle”. The 100th anniversary will be next year, as well as the independence’s “bicentenario”.


  2. It is indeed the 99th. A typo from a tired soul with bad toothache and a liking for round numbers! But anyway, the show was awesome. Some fantastic 3D effects, but those didn’t come out so well, so I included only a few seconds of that halfway through. There was also a great sea scene and skeleton dance in there which I cut due to vid quality.


  3. José says:

    Hey Gary – would you know if they’re planning a similar show this September (2010)? And if they are, how early do you think one has to be there to get a good vantage point.


    • I really don’t know exactly what they have planned for the Zocalo this year. Only that, providing there are no big disasters between now and then, there will be something big planned, I’m sure. And to be honest, I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t do this show. Perhaps slightly different.

      I’d get there as early as you can if I were you! We’re thinking of going there this year again. If so, we’ll probably try and get there by 7pm or 8pm.


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