The New Metro Map

I love Mexico City’s metro system. It’s cheap, pretty reliable, quick and surprisingly clean. Surprisingly, given the average Mexican’s ability to throw their trash wherever they see fit. The various stations also house plenty of art work in many, many forms. There are some downsides too, of course. The (presumed) drug addicts who slam their backs down onto a towel of broken glass for the entertainment of the passengers isn’t a nice sight. The pirate CD vendors with their latest product blaring through a large speaker in their back pack isn’t always a pleasant sound. And I’d love to know what idiot came up with the idea of fitting the new trains with slippery metal benches running up the sides of the carriage. The drivers know only one way to accelerate and brake – hard. Pity the skinny chap at the end of a bench…

They’ve added to the public transport system in recent years too, and are continuing to do so. First there was the Metrobus. It’s a bus, but it runs like a metro. Sort of. So successful was it, they’ve now added a second line. The Suburbano train has also been rolled into service, linking the northern Estado de Mexico and the centre of the city with a speedy rail link. We can also look forward to the completion of Linea 12, the new metro line that will actually run not so far from me.

Although the new line isn’t all good news. Not only did the construction work cut off our water supply for five straight days a couple of months ago, but it also means that my Metro World Record will become null and void. Will I do it again? I doubt it! But anyway, the nice folk over at the Metro HQ have recently whacked out a new map, reflecting the new Linea 12 route and including the Metrobus routes. The latter of which makes life easier. Now if only they could make it so a pre-pay Metro card works on the Metrobus as well…


Since writing this post, I’ve been on a metro train where the last two benches in the last carriage had had some very roughly cut  non slip pads glued to each seat.  And they worked a treat! Clearly just an experiment at the moment, and a belated one at that, but I live in hope that something will be rolled out soon…



4 thoughts on “The New Metro Map

  1. I´ve never seen the Metro guys falling back on broken glass. With luck, I will not.

    Sounds like things are popping over there in the Capital City. My wife and I have not been there since August, our longest departure since getting the apartment almost three years ago. And God knows when we will get back. Be lots of new stuff when that time comes.


  2. Amen to what Felipe Zapata said about the broken glass.

    I know what you mean about the metal seats. I haven’t seen the non-stick pads yet, but I’ve been mostly on the buses lately. My significant other has been having to move around in a wheel chair, and the metro is very unfortunately not well facilitated for the disabled.


    • The glass stunt people do offer a valid reason for the lunacy of their magic back cutting trick. They explain that if they don’t do this, they’d have to rob us instead. So basically, either they slash themselves and take our money, or they slash us and still take our money. I opt to participate in neither event as far as is possible.

      The non stick pads I saw were only stuck on to the very last bench on the last carriage on only one train I’ve been on. The pads had clearly been bery roughly cut with a pair of blunt scissors – the most experimental of experimental experiments. But they did work…

      Do any metro stations have elevators at all? I’ve come across the occasional road bridge with an elevator, but not any metro stations.


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