Museo de Jose Cuevas

Last year these weird and thoroughly abstract metal face sculptures appeared around Belles Artes and the Zocalo. What were they? Why were they there? Who made them? Today I found the answer to that question, and the answer is Jose Luis Cuevas. Inside the museum of the same name. I assume he is the artist who created them anyway.

Just few years ago there were some  parts of the Centro Historico, pretty close to the Zocalo, that you went to if you wanted to get yourself mugged. There still are of course, but bit by bit some areas are being regenerated or otherwise made safe to visit. The problem is, word hasn’t gotten out to Mexicans that this is the case.

My wife for one became incredibly anxious on one of the Ciclothon routes a few months ago as we headed down streets that had been off limits once upon a time. This museum lies in just such an area. How long ago in the past it was iffy to walk down I don’t know. She got her info from her father, so it could be anytime from 19…well, it wouldn’t be polite to him to say!

But anyway, today I Ciclothon’d alone, and stopped to check out the faces, a few of which are now in this thoroughly disreputable part of town! I’d seen them there before, but one of them now had a sign attached to it. There’s a museum down that side street? I must look, thought I. So I did. And if you click here, you’ll be transported to Flickr to see what I found.



4 thoughts on “Museo de Jose Cuevas

  1. Christine says:

    Ah well, pity the poor innocent. Three years ago I was passing through Mexico City and stayed near the centro. My friend was terrified to go out; but, it was a nice sunny afternoon and our last day in Mexico so I took a stroll. I ended up at the Museo and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I was completely unaware I was taking my life in my hands by visiting that museum. It just goes to show…but what?


  2. I’ve always liked exploring and walking endlessly too much to be put off by dire warnings. Mind you I have been robbed at gunpoint too 🙂

    The street leading to that museum used to be chock full of street vendors, which I think put a lot of people off.


  3. Kim G says:

    F gets very nervous when we walk in certain parts of El Centro Historico, even though to me (and I’ve lived in some tough places) it appears ok. He says I’m living dangerously, I say he’s being paranoid.

    Things certainly do happen. His cousin was mugged a while back near metro Balderas (or was it Juarez?), which certainly does seem like a sketchy area. I walked there myself one day, and it was full of drug addicts and other sketchy types.

    But I’m with you. I keep a sharp look out, and take my chances.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where people have no idea how safe this city really is.


    • I’ve never felt endangered near Balderas, though it’s not quite as safe as the Centro Historico. I don’t venture too many blocks behind the Cathedral in the Zocalo. That does become positively risky, especially at night.

      But a lot of places, like I said in the post, have been cleaned up. Although yesterday morning I did see someone getting robbed on a bridge two minutes from my home!


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