The Three Cats

The Record Industry tells us that pirated music will destroy music production. Nonsense. Piracy will destroy the record industry, certainly as it exists now. Good. Best thing that could happen to it. I consider piracy, as far as music is concerned, to be something of a virtual anti-biotic, killing off the disease known as the ‘recording industry’. People have been creating music for thousands of years, the vast majority of it without any help from some parasitic ‘recording industry’ feeding off the blood sweat and tears of artists.

For sure the music scene would be different. No more manufactured plastic bands forced onto the airwaves and radio waves by the leeches of the ‘record industry’. Can you imagine life without Britney Spears and New Kids On The Block crooning out of your TV?  Fear not. They’d have had to fall back on the sole genuine attribute – their looks. And you’d be able to see more of them than you currently do in various porn movies.

So no, I’m no fan of the recording industry. Without it, maybe we’d have greater access and exposure to real talent. Which is the point of this post. Sure I do come across a lot of talentless souls inflicting their vocal chords on passers by and passengers on the metro, as they beg for a few pesos. But Mexico City is often alive with impromptu performances from aspiring artists, or slightly more organized events like the one I wandered past today. Music has, does and will continue to exist with or without the Sony’s, EMI’s et al. I just happen to believe that better music, offering better value will thrive more successfully without them. I’m just sorry my poor little camera doesn’t do these performers justice.


9 thoughts on “The Three Cats

  1. Having spent 20 years in the music business back in the 60’s-70’s I have to agree. I think the video aspect of music has tainted it – too much focus on the ‘show’ and not enough on the quality of the music.

    And yes perhaps the current wave of that industry would be better off failing to setup sme kind of change for the better.


    • The current powers that be just don’t quite seem to grasp what the internet is. They seem to believe it is their destruction. As long as they believe that and keep fighting it, as well as being overly greedy assholes, it will be.

      I should add, I don’t think music should be free, full stop. I must confess, my business model for the industry wouldn’t see Britney Spears (or anyone else, no matter how good they are) earning hundreds of millions.


  2. steve says:

    With regard to record companies, it’s all nostalgic. A&M= soul, Apple= Beatles, etc.
    Some Bizarre= Soft Cell.. And of course who can hate Ralph records (the Residents)… ?

    i’ll miss them, but I bought a Saint Etienne album on Itunes last week,
    even though I improperly downloaded one of their songs a long time ago.. no problem with paying for it; I think Sarah deserves it.. unfortunately we all know the record companies seldom give all the money to the bands (especially with early Black R&B/Soul music).

    Of course, if they all suddenly fail, the first thing they will stop doing is sending royalty checks to
    those same early pioneers… Florence Ballard (oh, wait- she’s dead), or Hedda Brooks (is she dead too?), or any of the original talents who do not have big lawyers.

    My brother edited a short movie about a man who collects 78 RPM records from basements and attics in the rural South of the US. (I think it’s called Desperate Man Blues). So many early soul
    artists on 78 records, many made at home, and often popular only in a state or region. Only the select few ever got signed to Columbia or other major labels. It almost had nothing to do with talent then, and it doesn’t now, either. (just turn on the radio).

    How we all miss John Peel’s radio hour on the BBC ( got it in California on short-wave)..


    • How we miss John Peel full stop…

      I’m not going to argue for all music/events etc should be based on a free model. Although I do believe there is plenty of room for lots of ‘free’. But the current model doesn’t work, and a new model would be one where the likes of Song, EMI etc are simply not needed. They could change into what is needed…but they won’t.


  3. Kim G says:

    Mexico has a great variety of music, and that’s one of the things I love about it. Thanks for the video. Where was that shot?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • Have you ever given the Ciclothon a whirl? The route goes behind the presidential palace, past the square where you find all the little printers and scribes and then onto a small square with a big fountain – and that’s where the video was filmed.


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