The Worlds Biggest Christmas Tree

I noticed work begin on this roundabout on Reforma a couple of weeks ago. It looks temporary. Actually, it looks a little dangerous too. It looks like a pretty large construction though, whatever it is going to be. The first thing that springs to mind is a Christmas Tree. We have been promised the worlds biggest ever tree this year. Does anyone know, or am I going to have to wait and see?


17 thoughts on “The Worlds Biggest Christmas Tree

  1. Yes, there is where the “tallest christmas tree in the world” (according to GDF) will be located. Poor palm tree, it’s going to look a bit ridiculous (or perhaps it is the other way around).


      1. Supposedly they sold out 222 Reforma pretty quickly, but I have to wonder how quickly the rest are selling. There’s one up toward Versailles and Reforma that is in a U-shape. I can’t imagine buying a condo where my view is straight into someone else’s condo.

        But all around Reforma, Cuauhtémoc, and Condesa, there’s a ton of buildings going up, and I guess they’re selling all of them. Amazing given the state of the economy.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where our own luxury condo building boom has come to a rather ignominious halt.


      2. Given the state of the economy here too, I have to say I’ve been surprised to see so much construction work continuing. I wouldn’t mind the U shape….from a nosy perspective rather than an exhibitionist one!


    1. I’ve posted some more progress photos, which’ll publish on my blog tomorrow I think. I tend to do a load of blog posts at one sitting and then schedule them to go live over the week. But it ain’t finished yet, so you’ll have to wait a while longer for the final result.


      1. Oh wow – I take so long to do blog posts that I only really manage one at a time. Fine, will try for two tonight – maybe it’ll give me another free evening this week!


  2. Gary, saw this puppy on Reforma yesterday.. Are they going to try to get Guiness to certify it as the largest “metal” Xmas tree? OR – are there plans in place to add “foliage”to the framework? Somebody will be very happy if a thunderstorm does NOT occur in the neighborhod!
    Dan in NC (cool, overcast, and damp – almost Autumnal in NC today)


    1. You’re back in NC huh? Hope you had a good stay in SMA! From what I can see it’s an entirely electronic tree….the panels they are attaching have musical notes, angles et al waiting to be turned on.


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