Delete Me Uncensored – Save 1

A long time ago I dipped in and out of a Flickr Group called DMU. the concept is simple. You put a photo in the pool, and other members will comment and add a tag – either Delete or Save. Get 10 saves and your snap goes to the Lightbox for posterity. With 10 deletes, your photo is outta there. Naturally, you are obliged to vote and comment on other photos in the pool. I have to say I didn’t really get into it before, but I think I probably will this time.

I’ve put a few photos through the DMU wringer in the last couple of days. One has been saved so far…just so proud! Another, the photo voted the best in my 365 project, so nearly made it….but not quite. The group has had its ups and downs. And nukes. Theres clearly some personalities clashing. Such is life. If you fancy joining in there are a few DMUs of slightly different flavours you can search for. I personally have joined up Workers Of The DMUs Unite and Welcome To Zion groups.



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