The Worlds Biggest Christmas Tree

I’d hoped they’d have finished building it by the time I cycled past it this Sunday, but I guess the worlds biggest Christmas Tree isn’t something that can be rushed. Still, just in case you’re interest in the progress they have made since last week, here’s a few more snaps! It has to be said that there are quite a few  residents of Mexico City who feel that this isn’t the best way to spend  money during an economic crisis with acute ongoing water shortages, but I myself like Christmas and Christmas trees! And I also feel that the worlds largest ice rink, which will be going up in the Zocalo any day now is a much more questionable project regards funding – exactly how much does it cost to keep an ice rink frozen on sunny, 20 to 25 degree,  days in Mexico City?


9 thoughts on “The Worlds Biggest Christmas Tree

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t put one up at home. I am still having visions of Summer rushing to the top of our last one and coming within a millimetre of sending it through our front window. They two of them just can’t resist it!! But we used to have a big lightbulb one in Jo’burg…


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