Faces 2010

Last month I finished my 365 project. It seemed to go on forever. Actually, it lasted only 365 days. Still, I digress. I have a new photography project for next year, and have prepared my blog accordingly. First of all, I have changed the settings on my 3six5.co.uk domain name to point to my new blog. Well, I say new. It’s not, but it’s a long story not worth repeating. But anyhow, if you were subscribing by RSS to the old blog (which is now at plain old gary365.blogspot.com) you’ll need to go and do it all over again.

I’ve put up a new header for the new theme for 2010 as well. Next years project is simple. To collect as many portraits as possible. Particularly of familiar faces. Family, friends, students, drunk bloke who wanders around the parking lot at night. Next year will probably be my last full year in Mexico so it seems a good idea to catalogue all those faces that I’d otherwise forget after a year or two of being back in the UK. Although my photo blog isn’t exclusively for my Faces project. I post all sorts of photos there, as long as they were taken by me. Anyhoo, click here to go see it.


13 thoughts on “Faces 2010

    • The number of jokes I can think of that involve the words ‘woman’ and ‘confused’ would fill a book. But I have too few regular commenters to start alienating them! Besides, my post was a little bit confusing, even for a macho man like me 🙂

      The domain 3six5.co.uk used to be attached to my Blogger blog. But now I’ve moved it to my WordPress blog. So the old RSS feed for the 3six5.co.uk won’t work. Just subscribe to the new WordPress one!


      • Ha ha. Yes, it always surprises people to find out how much authority I have at work and how I manage financial and building projects alike because I appear to be perpetually confused!


  1. Kim G says:

    Leaving Mexico? To return to the chilly gloom of London?

    And your lovely Mexicana wife is cool with this? Has she ever lived there?

    Don’t get me wrong, London is one of my favorite (or should i say “favourite”?) cites in the world. But Mexico City seems a lot more liveable. Better weather, tons to do that you can actually afford, much friendlier people, not so many uptight regulations, smoke where you want without being a pariah, cheap liquor, pyramids, archeological sites, colonial cities, fantastic beaches a 3- or 4-hour drive away. I could go on and on.

    I’ve always thought of Boston as a sort of “Mini-London,” and frankly I kind of itch for Mexico City.

    Maybe we could swap places. I could certainly take on your students if you left. Of course they’d have to “un-learn” that accent you’ve been teaching them. But that might be an added plus, since they likely use their English more with Americans than Brits, Aussies, or Kiwis. (Not to mention the Indians.)

    And you could have a stab at my financial job here in Boston.

    It’d be a great change of pace for both of us.

    Do consider it.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • You can say favorite or favourite, but cities is always better that cites. 🙂 (Just pulling your plonker, yanking your chain etc!)

      I’m actually looking forward to going back to the UK. I’ll miss Mexico, especially the weather, but it won’t be going anywhere – we’ll visit. The UK is more affordable than anyone imagines, if you look carefully enough. Sure, the rail service just produced its first one way £1,000 ticket, but book in advance and more than half the country is within 3 or 4 hours range. Oxford is just an hour and £4 away. I have an itch to visit Port Meiron and there’s more than 1,500 castles to go have a looky see. Fantastic beaches? The Med and the Red Sea are closer and sometimes cheaper to get to from London than a decent beach is from where I live here in Mexico City!

      There are pros and cons to both. But the thing that excites me the most is, having spent years exploring Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America and Asia, I’m going to get to explore my home country.


  2. Kim G says:

    P.S. Even though we’ve never met, you should be able to tell from my writing that I’d be at least a half-decent English teacher. Really. Think about it.


    • You would, I am sure, make an excellent English teacher. You don’t need to swap with me to do it though. If you ever decide you’ve really had enough, let me know – I can help find jobs etc here. Or you could wait a year or so and pick up the classes I leave.

      I’d love to swap though – Boston appeals to me. Paola has had her Greencard approved, but getting a visa for me would, I suspect, prove an insurmountable task. My Mexican amigos are convinced that it’d be easier for me, being English. The reality is the opposite.

      We haven’t met though, no. If you’re up for a coffee or whatever when next you visit, just give me a shout. You know my address, even if only the virtual one.

      You come to Mexico a fair bit, don’t you?


      • Kim G says:

        Would love to meet up some time. I do come to DF a good 6-8 times a year, though recently it has been difficult to pull away from work. I was there last in early September. I hope to be either there or on a Mexican beach with F post X-mas. If in DF, I’ll definitely drop you a line.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where sometimes spell check fails us.


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