Adios PPP

It’s a slightly sad week for me. For the last two years, or almost two years, I’ve been running a whole load of blogs, which I have used to post ads for cash. Adverts for all sorts of things. Logo designers, web hosts, viagra shops, rejuvenation surgery for ladies bits….you name it, I’ve blogged about it. And it’s been quite profitable. In 2008 I earned about US$10,000 with my spammy blog ads. This year, with the economic crisis, and Google pegging my blogs back with poor rankings, things haven’t been so good. About $2,000. But still. It all counts.

This week though, Izea closed down my favourite paid ad program of them all, the one that’s made me about 90% of my cash, PayPerPost, version 3. It’s been replaced, sure. With two new programs in fact. But it’s not the same. Not at all. And that makes me sad. I’m not going to link to them here though. Google doesn’t like that. You can also search for them. I suggest Google. I hope than I can work my way into the money on their new programs though. I’m about half way to a new Canon T1i…


4 thoughts on “Adios PPP

  1. Kim G says:

    Some of your “commercial” posts were more obvious than others. The commercial ones were, frankly, kind of amusing, tucked rather incongruously amongst the genuine posts. I seem to recall one about a certain brand of shoe which struck me as hilarious. Sadly perhaps for the sponsor, I was not motivated to purchase a pair of said shoes. In fact, I don’t even remember the brand name.

    But surely you can find some kind of platform where you can brazenly sell yourself…I mean advertising. Have you ever read http://www.yucatanliving.com? They are web developers, but their site (which I’ve been reading for years) is clearly pulling in a fair amount of advertising dollars.

    So someone as web-savvy as yourself should be able to find some platform where it’s perfectly a-OK to sell advertising. Can’t you use wordpress or something?

    In Mexico $10K USD is nothing to sneeze at. That would go a long way in your fair city, especially if you can keep both Mexican and UK tax collectors at bay.

    Best of luck,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where so far the only thing we’ve ever really successfully monetized is our job.


    • WordPress.com forbid any type of monetization of blogs. Which is one reason I moved here. Having whored my blogs on the Opera and Blogger platforms, I wanted to settle somewhere permanently. I don’t want this blog deleted, so I don’t take the risk. I still back it up regularly though, just to be safe. Accidents happen.

      I have a number of blogs on other platforms that I do still scrape a few dollars from though, and, happily, it’s all tax free! But the blog advertising market isn’t what it was. In 2007/8 I could earn up to $140 for a 100 word post. The average was $35 per post. Nowadays, the best the average person can get is about $5 for a 200 word ad, and the oppos aren’t as numerous as before.

      The new scheme I’ve signed up for requires me to just post links, in any old blog post about any old subject – without having to go through the rigmarole of researching a product or company to do an actual advert. Much, much easier. But at $1 to $3 a go, much less profitable.

      Still, they add up – I will have that Pentax!!!


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