Camels and Cards

This post is the result of two of my recent posts. One about my trip to an antique market and the availability of Hitler dolls and other weird stuff – I got a comment asking if there were any cigarette cards there. Another post about ‘noisome regulations’ started a conversation about smoking in restaurants here in DF. Or not, depending upon the application of the law. Legislation is produced as furiously here as anywhere, but obedience is generally seen as a voluntary, self regulated thing.

Enforcement by the police or other authority is patchy, and often dependent on the size of the proferred ‘mordida’. Aka ‘bribe’. The result can sometimes border on anarchy. But the ban on smoking in restaurants was, to my utter astonishment, almost completely obeyed. You can still smoke if the eatery or bar has a patio, or outside area. But inside – it’s a big no no. You can’t even smoke in malls…

Back to the cigarette cards though. I got to the market late this week, and most of the stalls were either gone or in the act of being packed into boxes and loaded into weary, battered old pick ups, vans and other near dead automobiles. But I did find the Camel stall still going strong, and it looked like amongst the collection of Camel memorabilia, there were some cig cards at the back. Of more interest to me were the postcards. I bought this one for the bargain price of 5 pesos, and if you want it, it’s yours. Just leave a comment below, and send me a mail using the Contact page to tell me where to send it to.

I’ve always liked the artwork produced by the cigarette companies, I have to admit. In the UK it’s a thing of the past, with legislation banning advertising and any other form of promotion. It’ll happen here too soon, I’m sure. But for the moment, cig art survives. I guess the tobacco companies have to try hard with their artwork and imaginitive promotion, considering what the product does to its users. Packaging death and disease to look cool and relaxing isn’t something that can be done on the cheap.

But anyway, if you want this card, and anyone at all from any country is welcome to it, just follow the instructions as detailed above. If it’s already gone, maybe the Toluca postcard is still available, or you can check out my Postcard page for any others that have been added since and remain ‘unclaimed’.


8 thoughts on “Camels and Cards

    • Hi Moises. I got your email. And yeah seeing as you’re in Mexico City, it’s easy enough for you to buy one yourself! The nearest metro station is Ninos Heroes. From there Alvaro Obregon is a two minute walk, and there’s a big market all along there every Saturday and Sunday. You can click the link below to see it on Google Maps….



  1. Nez says:

    I didn’t get to you in time for your previous postcards. I just checked your stock, but have decided to wait for you to find a different one lol…just in case the next one is even better! I’m mexican and with family IN mexico (I’m a born and bred new yorker though, so I’m rarely in mexico), but I can’t say I’ve traveled much to areas outside of Puebla (family’s home). Would Love one of your post cards, so keep em coming! I Love your blog by the way and do read it every few days or weeks…I’m just a bit too lazy to comment, but I do appreciate the updates! Helps me feel a bit closer to the motherland πŸ™‚


  2. Dan In NC says:

    Since I asked about the Cig cards, and this is a close one… If it is not gone by the time this rolls in, send it to the same address as the Katrina card..
    Dan in NC


    • Seeing as no one else claimed it, and seeing as you did inspire the purchase of this card, I’ll make an exception with my (unpublicized!) one card per person rule! I’ll send it off soon, but don’t expect it before Xmas….


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