All I want For Christmas

Is not, surprise surprise, my two front teeth. I’ll happily settle for a single pre-molar in my left cheek. The old one had been giving me gip for weeks. Months in fact. Including a double infection, which hurts like a hammer been swung around inside my mouth. No more, because that little sucker has gone, and good riddance to him. But bloody Nora, was that one painful extraction. But I have packets and packets of pills and potions to help me through the next few days. As per the photo below. With the evil tooth centre stage…I will photograph anything!

A new tooth has been ordered. A porcelain number, at a cost of 8,000 pesos. Which I don’t currently have, but shortly after Christmas, with a little luck, I’ll get it sorted. It might seem extreme to post about a tooth, but it is seasonal, sort of. And there is a word of advice I can give to anyone seeking a dentist for the first time. Word of mouth is a good way to find one. But still…check his or her credentials. Get second opinions. All dentists in Mexico City are qualified, most of them highly.  It’s just that they’re not all necessarily qualified to be dentists.


5 thoughts on “All I want For Christmas

  1. Oh dear! There is nothing worse than toothache! I had toothache and splitting headaches for ten years while my dentist tried to convince me I didn’t need to have my wisdoms out. Surprise, surprise, when I was on a working plan and he no longer had to offer me student rates I suddenly became eligible. And took my business to another dentist.


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