Earthquake Alert

Earthquakes are a fact of life in much of Mexico, with Mexico City particularly prone to devastation. Largely because a big chunk of the metropolis is built on a dried lake bed – the worst place imaginable to build a city as far as quakes go. I’ve experienced a few reasonably strong quakes. There have been plenty of them measuring 5 on the Richter scale, with a 6.3 about two years ago. A few months ago there was a 5.6 in the afternoon which hit with me sitting right here at my computer with Twitter open. I posted a tweet, saying that there was an earthquake. It felt as strong as the 6.3 in 2007, even though it was much less powerful. But the epicenter was a lot closer, hence the extra shaking.

If I feel a quake I’ll usually pop over the the USGS website which records all global quakes and will quickly tell you how strong it actually was. Today I came across an interesting project they are running, to get Twitter data from people living in zones where a quake has just struck. Interesting for several reasons, to me anyway. Firstly, because we have so many quakes here.  Secondly, because as I mentioned, I tweeted about an earthquake recently. I must have been one of the first people to tweet it, because I hit end as the quake was still doing its thang. To think, next time, my tweet could be contributing to the scientific community! But they’ll have a lot of dross to trawl through…a quick search of Twitter for ‘earthquake’ brings up quite a bit of rubbish!


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