Two Months Of ClusterShot

In October I joined up with ClusterShot, an online photo agency that sells your photos under Royalty Free Licenses (so you still own the snap) and lets you keep most of the profit. Unlike most other stock or photo agencies. It’s a great concept, well executed and well designed, although it does a few flaws. Small enough to be forgivable though – especially given that it is a relative newcomer to the market.

The impression that Clustershot has made on me. When I signed up and added my photos, almost all positive. Since then? Well, to be honest, since then I’ve largely ignored it. Why? I’ll come to that in a while. I have gone back to have a look at my account recently though, having received an email about a new beta feature. They’ve introduced statistics. Great idea!

It’s a shame however, that I don’t get to see this feature as I am not a pro user. Hopefully at some stage they will let all their users try out this facility, even if only temporarily. The object of new features should be to attract users after all, and there’s no better way to do that than by letting them see what they’ll get. Besides, if I went and bought a Pro account to see my stats, only to discover that the site is not driving any traffic whatsoever to my photos I’ll be a disappointed customer. Better to let me see the stats, and hope that I’ll be impressed with them enough to buy a pro account.

While I’m on about features, there are a couple that I’d like to see on Clustershot, but that are missing. An auto tagging tool for my photos would be a great help. It would also be nice if there were Like/Don’t Like buttons or a Lightbox to get feedback from viewers. There is a comment box, but in my experience, people are a lazy lot and need something simpler!

To come back to the reason I’ve largely ignored ClusterShot the last couple of months though. The why is a simple one. No sales. It is a small company in a competitive market, so I did have doubts as to whether I would sell any, to be fair. Big doubts. But if they want me to upgrade to a Pro account, that’s what they’ll have to do. As soon as I sell an image I’ll be upgrading. Can’t say fairer than that! Still, to try and help things along, I am going to reduce my pricing to a very reasonable $20.


2 thoughts on “Two Months Of ClusterShot

  1. Hi Gary,

    I’m just giving Clustershot a try too. Re your point on sales, or the lack of them, I think the thing to remember is Clustershot are not really a stock photo agency in the usual manner where you would sit back and wait for them to do the selling (even then a sale within two months of submitting would be good). Clustershot are really more of an ecommerce sales solution, leaving much more emphasis on the contributor to drive sales by promoting their work as available via Clustershot; hence the generous % they offer.

    My post on Clustershot is here.



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