Chapultepec Park At Christmas

I took a detour from the Ciclothon route today and had a long ride around Chapultepec Park. It’s a large park, by Mexico City standards, and is home to a boating lake, a castle, a zoo, and plenty of open spaces and woodland. It’s a nice destination for a relaxing Sunday, at any time of the year, but especially when there is a celebration of some sort coming up.

I took a video of various scenes and landscapes around the park, and thanks to the sudden chill that has hit the city – grey skies and plummeting temperatures, it almost felt like a UK Christmas. I know that at the moment thos in the UK and east US won’t be impressed by what I term to be chilly, given the heavy snows that they have gotten. But still.


2 thoughts on “Chapultepec Park At Christmas

  1. Nez says:

    My entire comment was just deleted. You know how that feels??? Anyway, I’m definitely NOT impressed. Its 5:04 AM and my out of shape body is aching all over, after clearing the snow outside the house all day. Snow that reached well over my not so warm wellies. I like your “chilly”. I’ll take it. Wanna trade?

    I definitely need to get myself to Mexico City. I read your Tamayo Museum post by the way (can’t sleep…must take more tylenol) just as I’ve read all your other blog entries whenever you’ve posted them (I’ve got you rss’ed). It’s part of what’s really convinced me of trying out Mexico (Mexico City to be more exact) in the next few years. Every time you’ve posted a new clip, a notable event, or something that’s brought back the memories of Mexico to me (the vendors, the smells, the sounds, the people etc…) its made me want to hop on the next plane and try out life there for a while. I’ve been looking into the English teaching potential, but there’s very little trustworthy advice out there (Dave’s ESL…you know what I mean). How do you think the market will fare in the next 3 years at least? Hmmm.

    Anyway, keep on posting! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, as they either prove insightful, or bring back some positive memories of Mexico for me 🙂

    Oh and in case you don’t post anything until then….

    Merry Christmas!/Happy Crimbo!


    • I can only say that I didn’t delete it! As for our chilly here in Mexico City – snow is not expected! I am told that it did snow in the centre of the city back in 1967 and again some time in the 40’s, so perhaps we are overdue. But I’m not holding my breath!

      I think the TEFL market in Mexico City will remain strong as far as opportunities go. Weak as far as increasing wages go!

      There is another ESL cafe where you’ll find more trustworthy advice – http://eltworld.net/forums/

      Till I return, Merry Christmas to you too!


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