Happy New Year

My Christmas holiday is over, and I’m home again after a thankfully eventless and on time bus journey back from Merida. Although it was still a 19 hour trip….shan’t be doing one of those again in a hurry. Was it all worth it? Well I had a good week, and in fact stayed a couple of days longer than originally planned. I got to see everything I really wanted to see, plus a few things I hadn’t known about, but would have really wanted to see had I known about them.

Besides wandering around Merida’s historic center (photos) we spent a few days at the beach (more photos), checked out the Mayan ruins at Uxmal (yet more photos), as well as some ruins at Dzibilchaltun (even more photos), swam in an underground cenote (just a few photos), wandered around Merida’s superb Anthropological Museum (lots of photos), and still had time for a Christmas party or two. Yes, with photos.

We also came across a fabulous monument (I have more photos of it, as well as the one below, believe it or not) which I used to create my new banner for my blog the new year. And the new decade, in fact. I am hoping it’s going to be a good year. It will probably be my last full year in Mexico, but what a year to finish on – the hundredth anniversary of the Revolution and the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence from Spain. Big parties are scheduled. But even more importantly, 2010 will be the year England finally win the World Cup! I hope…

I’m a little sorry to see the noughties finish to be honest – it was a good decade. For me anyway. Obviously for those involved in 9/11, 7/7, Afghanistan and Iraq, the Asian tsunami, the residents of New Orleans and those caught up in the numerous wars, disasters and other general catastrophes – not such a good decade. More of the same is expected for the next ten years.

I hope that 2010 treats you all well though. Lots of money, luck and other good stuff – that sort of thing. Failing that, at least don’t go bankrupt, lose a leg or die. Feliz neuvo año!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Joe says:

    Nice, Nice, all very nice!! Thanks for sharing. I chuckled a bit at the one where one of your in-laws´ frowned face was juxstaposed on the body of the original native (Mayan?). Funny.


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