Raccoon Lagoon

I almost forgot to mention. We went on a boat trip across a lagoon, down into a little tributary, and on to some fresh water pools. There were birds, butterflies, bees, fish….and raccoons. If you like raccoons, you’ll enjoy the video. If you don’t…well, what’s wrong with you? Look how they beg and plead. Watch as they devour plates of rice and bits of tortilla. I’m not 100% certain they should be eating that stuff, but I didn’t give it to them. And I suspect they’ve been given worse stuff before.


4 thoughts on “Raccoon Lagoon

  1. Nez says:


    I don’t know what to envy you more on. The fantastic trip…or those darn adorable raccoons??? Great clip! Really enjoyed it. Must add it to my itinerary…for someday.


  2. kwallek says:

    Raccoon story: We were camping on the shore of Lake Erie with a large group, we had bought a hundred ears of corn for roasting, the corn was stored in a big cardboard box. We were trooping back from the beach when we came upon three raccoons stealing our box of corn. Two pulling, one pushing, they had moved the box at least 100 feet and were very close to the safety of the woods. We yelled at them but instead of high tailing it out of the area, they stopped, grabbed all they could carry and with their corn ran off to the woods.


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