Portrait of a Place: London

My latest Pictory submission, with the theme of the title of this post. At last a chance to show off a photo of Wembley Stadium, taken when I visited last February.

I grew up a few miles from Wembley Stadium, and saw my first game of football there. When I was very young, pre teenage years, I’d queue at the styles, ticketless, and then charge through at the last minute and run off – once in they’d never catch me! The stewards knew it and never gave chase. I’ve been living in Mexico since 2005 and didn’t return to London until I took a two week holiday last February. Visiting the new, magnificent Wembley Stadium was top of my list of places to visit. It was a cold morning, and only one other person, an elderly tourist from Uruguay, was anywhere to be seen, wandering around the vast arena taking photos. For me it was something of a pilgramage. For him….well, it turned out it was the first time he’d visitied the stadium since the summer of 1966. When he’d watched the World Cup final there. He even had a photo to prove it.


2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Place: London

  1. :o) I often find myself humbled by things like that experience with the old man. I’ll be humming along to an old song only for my dad to regale me with a story of the time a bunch of rockers let him (a mod) squeeze through to the front row of a concert so that he could see the band in question live.

    This is a great photo!


  2. Let’s hope that this submission has more luck than my first effort at Pictory which didn’t make it into the showcase! But yeah, old men and their damned experience and wisdom…!!!


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