Postcard From Merida

Here’s the third and final postcard I brought back from Merida. At the risk of repeating myself….if you want it, I’ll post it to you. Just leave a comment claiming it, then send me the address you want it posted to by using the form on the Contact page of this blog. Simple as that. Anyone can claim it, so long as you havenโ€™t had one out of me before!


13 thoughts on “Postcard From Merida

    • Nez says:

      Hello Angeline,

      Don’t know if you’ll read this, but in case you do Gary has just told me of the awfully nice offer you’ve made to switch post cards. Thank you! I really appreciate that and will make sure to pass on your good deed ๐Ÿ™‚ If you ever want a New York City postcard/local museum post card, I can send one your way! Many good vibes heading your way.


      • Angeline says:

        Hi Nez,
        I’m glad I could put some happiness in your day. This post card thing is fascinating to me. What a fabulous idea! I love Mexico, hadn’t been there in a lot of years until this last November and now I can’t wait to get back. I would love a post card from New York. Would you like one from San Francisco? I don’t live in SF, but just an hour away and I go in often.


    • Nez says:

      Hi Angeline,

      Sure! I would Love a San Fran postcard ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll happily send you one from New York too. I also think this postcard exchange is a brilliant idea. I actually googled about to see if there were any postcard exchange websites and I think I found a few. Isn’t that a great idea? Exchanging postcards with people all around the world. It sounds like one of those thing’s that would be worth collecting.

      I’m not sure if I can openly share my email address here, or are there spambots to worry about? Gary I apologize for using your comments section like a forum, but I wasn’t sure how else to contact Angeline without using you as our messenger boy.

      Angeline, please email me at Nezalias…..at….gmail….com so we can exchange home addresses/postcards.


      • If you were male and female, I’d change the blogs name to Mexile Dating and charge you both a fee!!!

        Feel free to carry on a conversation…now that WordPress has forum type threading in the comments, seems a shame to waste it.

        Oh, and seeing as New York is my favourite ever city that I’ve visited, and San Fran the city top of my wish list do feel free to send me a card too!


      • Angeline says:

        So, Nez, I just sent you an email with my address. And since Mr. Mexile says we can use this site to carry on a conversation with no charge I just thought I’d drop in to say hi.


    • Nez says:

      Thanks Gary!

      I did receive your email Angeline and will make sure to find you a nice card ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t want to send you anything too touristy and typical, so I’m going to be searching hard. Oh and Gary, I will happily send you a card as well! Please email me and let me know what address I can send it off to. Also, I know there’s at least two places here that cater to your fellow Brit expats, so if you’re ever hankerin’ for a YORKIE (NOT FOR GIRLS) or any sweets/crisps I may be able to make a stop at Myers of Keswick for you! (google it and check the selection if you like)

      Thank you for this excellent blog. It’s connecting us all together!


      • I’ll tell you what I miss that I can’t get in Mexico, besides the enormous range of choccys that both the US and Mex lack!) are Marmite and Bisto gravy granules. Oh, and Jaffa cakes. And….damn you! Now you’ve gotten my mouth watering!

        I’ll email my addy for card in a minute….thanks! I don’t make a return card a pre-condition for me sending one, but it’s cool to get them and I have a little collection of postcards from throughout the world growing.


  1. Angeline says:

    All kinds of possibilities for your blog name now. I’ve got my thinking cap on… I will definitely send you a San Francisco card too. Send me your address.


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