Blowing Stuff Up

Mexicans love their fireworks. I mean really love them. All day, all night, there are random explosions going off around the city to celebrate something. If you visit Mexico and have a birthday here, expect a few fireworks to be exploded in your honour. In fact, if they don’t set fire to a quantity of fireworks big enough to make the British artillery attack at the Somme look like a damp squib…well, they just don’t like you.

It was Christmas. And the brother in laws kids were visiting from Milwaukee. Naturally, this meant it was necessary to buy a big bag full of potent rockets, loud bangers and…well, some of them were just plain old TNT style explosives. I thought I’d video the proceedings, as they set about blowing up dead sea creatures, coconuts, bottles, shells and cans.


8 thoughts on “Blowing Stuff Up

  1. Kim G says:

    What a blast! And they didn’t even wait for some hour where they could interrupt someone’s sleep! How un-Mexicano!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where very few things, if ever, go bang in the night.


    • Things go bang all times of day here. Usually fireworks, but a couple of years ago, a larger than normal bang turned out to be a small bomb planted outside the IFE building across the road.


    • I screwed the vid up a little. I meant to leave the audio in for the first explosion before the music starts. Which came courtesy of Juanitos on Jamendo – I source most of my video music from there because it’s free on CC license. No good putting on a U2 or Rolling Stones soundtrack these days….YouTube quickly removes the audio.

      Processed with Cyberlinks Power Director – like it more than the others I’ve tried.

      As for video quality – it’s ok, although sound is always patchy. Really looking forward to the vid quality of that FZ35 with its stereo mics! Check out these samples….




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