A few days ago there was an earthquake. A 5.5 in California, which was a warm  up for a 6.3 in Eureka. A few online friends mentioned it on a forum, and I mentioned how unimpressed I was. A 5.5? Barely notice them in Mexico City. To be honest, given that these guys were from San Francisco, I was surprised they really noticed it.

A couple of days ago Haiti got an altogether bigger quake. But still, in Mexico City, there’s an air of astonishment that a quake measuring just 7 on Richter’s fascinatingly complex scale could do so much damage. But then, given that Mexico City gets hit with at least one 7 per decade whilst this was the most powerful quake in Haiti for two hundred years….

It also has to be said that the epicenter of Haiti’s quake was right next to the city – many of the tremors affecting us here happen out in the Pacific. Although we did get a 5.5  centred on Puebla last year which felt pretty strong for it’s Richter based size. But still…no damage to speak of. If a building here can’t take a 7, it doesn’t stay up for very long. Anyway…Eureka. Haiti. These things are supposed happen in threes? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that any third quake is small and well away from me.

But enough of Mexico. I’m told the Zocalo will be turned into a giant collection center on Saturday, for donations of food stuffs, preferably tinned foods I image, to be sent on to Haiti. It’s a good opportunity to spring clean, empty out cupboards, and dispose of the stuff you don’t want or bought by mistake in a helpful way. And maybe add a can or two of good stuff.


3 thoughts on “Earthquake

    • It’ll obviously have greater effect in some places than other places. Mexico was hit by a 7.3 in 2003. The death toll? Less than 30. To be fair though, the epicenter wasn’t right underneath a major city…


  1. Yes I was watching the news and they started reporting about earthquakes. We live in Central California near the San Andreas fault line (San Francisco 1989) and my wife is panicking. Shes ready to pack up things and prepare for the “Big One.”

    My prayers go out to the people of Haiti going through this disastrous times.


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