Summer Breeze

Winters in Mexico City are much like summers in the UK. Blink, and you miss it. Which is just how I like it, when I’m living in Mexico anyway. This year has been the exception though. After an unusually dry and mild rainy season, we’ve had an unusually cold, wet and grey period in the dry season. High winds a couple of days ago were the latest test of Mexico City’s patience. Huge billboards didn’t fair well.

But today was bright, blue, warm and cheery. Normality has returned. Our three week winter is over. I hope. None are more pleased than my cold blooded turtle friends who live in the pool in the yard. It’s been a miserable, bitter time for them. They thrive on sun. It was so nice to see them all on their basking rock today, lapping up a couple of hours of direct sunlight to get the blood pumping through their shell encased bodies once again.  They, and I, sincerely hope for plenty more days like this as we head into Jacaranda season.


5 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

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  2. Nez says:

    Loving the turt’s photo. It always puts a smile on my face when you post a picture of them. My niece briefly owned a cute little RES, that her father bought for her to have as a pet. Except he thought a tiny plastic jar, with the odd fake pebble thrown in would make a perfectly suitable home for it. After days of me trying to convince them to give up Aesop (as I lovingly named him) they finally relented and I found a local organization that could take him in and find him a suitable home. One with actual turtle lovers who would hopefully give him a long and happy life. Your pictures always give me hope that Aesop eventually did find a good loving home, where he could swim freely and lap in the sun’s rays.

    Thank you for being such a great turtle owner 🙂

    What will be their fate when you return to the UK?


    • It’s always sad to see the turtles in pet shops, tiny little coin sized things, being sold to kids with tiny plastic trays. Which are suitable for about a day.

      My turtles are the biggest headache as far as going back to the UK is concerned. I can’t take them with me…it’s against the law. Finding good homes for 10 of them is going to be difficult. I’m on the look out for natural lakes etc with small turtle populations already there.


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