The Earthquake Appeal

The residents of DF have been giving plenty for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Either tinned goods and bottled waters, or their time and manpower in packing it. Trucks line up outside the Metropolitan Cathedral in the Zocalo, unloading and loading goods. Mexicans from DF have good reason to be generous. The picture on the right is one of many memorials to the massive 8.1 quake of 1985 that rocked this city and killed so many thousands of people. The final death toll from that tragedy will never been known. Everyone over the age of 30 has a story to tell from that December morning.

The photo below tells the story of Hotel Regis. It sat at one end of Alameda park, with Belles Artes sitting at the other. It came down during the quake, and then burned up due to a gas leak. Nothing bar a wall with a Rivera mural was left. Today it is a park, with the bust and plaque in the middle. If you’re wondering why I keep mentioning past earthquakes in Mexico City when there is such a terrible and present one in Haiti….that’s because the ‘E’ word always brings back both the reminders of the last big one here – and the next one.


2 thoughts on “The Earthquake Appeal

  1. Nez says:

    It’s good to see people around the world contributing in what they can to help out the people of Haiti. It makes sense that a place like Mexico City would identify with their tragedy. My sisters husband is a DF native and he was present during the quake of 1985. He’s described the horror of the situation and it always sounds rather surreal to me, as I’ve thankfully never experienced it for myself. I’ve only ever experienced a minor earthquake, but it made me feel a bit shaken, because if that minor quake could be so easily felt and make me feel vulnerable…I can’t even imagine what it must be like to undergo a quake of much large magnitudes. My heart goes out to the Haitian people. All the news constantly being streamed in makes me feel rather powerless. Donating money, or needed goods helps, but I still feel a bit helpless, because I know it isn’t automatically fixing everything for everyone. I have deep admiration for the people who volunteer their time and skills to go personally help out the people who find themselves in these devastating situations. Haiti certainly needs as much help as it can get.

    Here’s to you leaving DF all in one piece and without a huge earthquake under your expat belt.


    • The most powerful I’ve sat through was a 6.3, which is a fairly big quake. It didn’t cause any great damage here in Mexico, but quakes of that size have killed tens of thousands elsewhere. Bam in Iran for instance.

      But yes….fingers crossed for a non earthquakey future!


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