A Revolutionary Postcard

Yesterday, whilst killing some time before a class, I wandered the streets behind the Metropolitan Cathedral, looking through the camera shops. I’d like to give my business to local, Mexican shopkeepers. But at double the price they are sold for in the US, I’ll wait. But it’s fun to look. I  went through an alley into the innards of the building, which is a maze of little shops and stalls, and found a postcard seller with some reasonably unique cards. Unique I assume – its the first I’ve seen of any 2010 anniversary postcards.

I picked out the one below. It’s a 1910-2010 Revolution postcard with a print of Pancho Villa’s ‘Wanted’ poster.  Do you want it? The postcard, not Villa. You can have it. Just be the first to claim the card in the comments of this post, and then use the Contact page to send me an email and let me know where to post it to. Easy as that. If it’s already been claimed, maybe there is still a card up for grabs on the Postcards page. Anyone can claim the card, providing I haven’t already sent you one! If I have, you can always pass the post on to a friend to claim it.


18 thoughts on “A Revolutionary Postcard

  1. Veronica says:

    Is the Pancho Villa postcard still available ?
    I would very much like to have it.
    You can send it to my e-mail.

    Thank you,


  2. Angeline Munoz says:

    Ok, I know you sent me a card already….but I really really really want this one. My grandfather rode with Villa. My oldest son is Pancho. Can I have it?????


  3. Adolfo (Pancho) Munoz says:

    I’d love to have a Pancho Villa post card, always had an interest in him and still have an old photo from my grandpa if villa riding his horse through town.



  4. So many responses……only one card!

    Veronica – you want it by email? I can do that. I’ll email a high def scan of it to you later!

    Pancho – I’ve sent you an email for your address. Reply and the card is yours…

    Angeline – I’m emailing you special instructions!

    Jim – no problem fine sir, seeing as you are asking for a card, not specifically this one! I will curse it and spray it with bat blood prior to postage. That should make it sufficiently damned!


  5. Nez says:

    Angeline…that’s a pretty cool piece of history you’re tied to!

    If it weren’t that I already requested a postcard, I would have been ALL OVER this one. I was trying to check the postcard image and see if there was any information on it as to where I could purchase it/find it. I may just have to wait until I’m there myself and see if I can magically find one though : ( since I couldn’t see any info and they probably wouldn’t mail it here. Thanks for sharing the image of it at least!

    P.S-I WILL let you know when your postcard arrives. Let me know when you receive yours!


  6. Nez says:

    I did miss your post about it, but I’m relieved to know it arrived! I was so worried my chicken scratch handwriting would prevent it from ever arriving, so its a relief to know it made it safely to your hands.


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