The Indian Complex

International cuisine can be hard to find in Mexico City. Well, good international cuisine. Especially Chinese and Indian. I wrote a post quite a while back about a decent Chinese restaurant I found, and mentioned the Tandoor House, a restaurant we’d been to a couple of times. But we hadn’t been for a while, so last night we made the trek to have a curry feast.

How things change. I don’t know whether we were just victims of karma having laughed a little too loudly about the slightly uncomplimentary reputation of the Indian male, or there was some other reason for the size of our meal. But it came in tiny dishes that restaurants would normally use to serve up a little salsa. The popodums were 15 pesos. Not for a plate of popodoms. Each. Really. One popodum. Fifteen pesos. This, we thought at the time, might explain why a restaurant that used to be packed, had just three tables filled.

The food was, to be fair, good. But the fact that I took my fair share and finished everything on my plate….that’s not a good sign. Unless it’s pizza, I always leave something. And it’s not even cheap. We each ordered a meal to share, four orders in total, costing between 100 and 110 pesos per dish. I recommended the Tandoor House heartily last time. Not so this time. If you’re well off enough to order two dishes per person, don’t mind feeling a bit cheated, can tolerate surly waiters and will still have enough cash to top up Mr Tummy elsewhere pretty soon afterwards – then it’s a fine place to visit!


9 thoughts on “The Indian Complex

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  2. Michael Wolf says:

    I remember the portion sizes at Tandoor always being kind of small, but I haven’t been there in a while. Maybe they’re even smaller now.

    Anyway, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Dawat. It’s on Calle Séneca near the corner of Dickens. Somebody at the Mexico City Cricket Club told me about it, and I’m really glad he did—since then I’ve only been back to Tandoor, but have been to Tandoor many times.


  3. I still really like them! Yes, pricey, but sometimes I just need my fix. That Indian clothing store on Insurgentes (in Condesa) supposedly serves up Indian food but haven’t tried it yet.


    • The food was good, I’ll give them that. We did ask about the size of the portions though, and they just gave us the ‘new crockery’ excuse…

      I’m going to have to try out a few new Indians I guess! It is my national dish after all… 🙂


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