Panasonic Lumix FZ35

I’ve been umming and ahhing, pondering, procrastinating, chopping and changing my mind, and generally dithering around for months regards my next camera. At first I was determined to go the DSLR route. The Pentax K-x was top of my list. But I decided the extra money it would cost is just a bit too much, and besides the way I photograph and use my images, it’s slight overkill.

I looked long and hard at the Canon S90 and Panasonic LX3. Two compacts with fast glass, big sensors and rave reviews. But the Canon doesn’t shoot HD video and the 2.5x zoom of the Panny is just too short. Reluctantly, I cast them both aside. Although it has to be said the LX4 is due to be released soon if rumours are true….

So that left a two horse race. The Canon SX20 and Panasonic FZ35 super zooms. I love the look of the Canon, I love the articulated screen, the extra weight is fine and the fact it takes AA batteries is, in my opinion, a plus. But. I can’t look past the fact that the Panasonic has it beat hands down when it comes to continuous shooting (2.5fps against 0.7), better high ISO performance, and generally superior image quality. And it’s about 50 bucks cheaper. The Panny it is. I think…


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