Make Your Predictions

I’ve been waiting for this to happen since I arrived. I wasn’t sure it would. But in May it will. Mexico are travelling to Wembley to play England in a friendly match as part of both teams preparations for the World Cup in South Africa. I am a huge football fan, and have quite a few friends and students who are as equally enthralled by the beautiful game. Bragging rights are up for grabs. I’m sure they will be mine!

England have played Mexico 8 times, winning five of them, drawing once and losing twice. England have won the last three, with Mexico’s last win coming in 1985, a 1-0 victory in the Estadio Azteca. Less than a year later they played again, in the US, which England won 3-0. Mexico’s other win was also on Mexican soil, way back in 1959 in the first game they played against each other, at the Estadio Olimpico. The result was 2-1. The sole draw between the two teams was also in Mexico, at the Azteca.

When playing in England Mexico have fared less well. England have won all four games, scoring a total of 16 goals, including an 8-0 win back in 1961. In fact Mexico have never even managed to score a goal against England outside of Mexico. History is on my country’s side. So is current form. I’m going to make a prediction for the May match – England 4 Mexico 0. Of course, it is just a friendly. The real business starts a month later. Mexico could theoretically play England in the Quarter Finals. They have played each other once before in a World Cup match. Back in 1966….such a glorious year!


7 thoughts on “Make Your Predictions

  1. Nez says:

    Oh Gary. Why do you torture us this way? (or me anyway) There is no need to remind us of the history between these two teams. I think we all already know our chances. Being a friendly match you’d think scores like 4-0….and…and…8…nil…would be completely unwarranted.. Some friends! I am already rooting for England against the US (yes..yes I AM American and I’ve always supported the US in many thing’s…but the beautiful game? Mexico has always owned my Heart there. That and some of my first memories of watching The Beautiful Game involved a very heartbreaking loss against the US…a grudge I cannot let go of to this day) so don’t make me back out of it…as if I would.

    I’ll watch. Between my fingers. Peeking. Maybe.


    • Football is football….friendly or not I want goals, goals and more goals! For England of course….!

      I empathise with your position though! It also has to be said, if England lost, I’d never live it down! I’d have to go straight back home…


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  3. marlene harrison says:

    As an Australian, I want anyone to beat England, but as the mother in law to a wonderful mexican man, Go Mexico. Hopefully we will be able to watch the game on pay TV. I really enjoy your blogs on Mexico.


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