Postcard from Cuernavaca

Having done the Zapata trail, we headed into Cuernavaca’s Centro Historico. Considering the city’s close proximity to Mexico City, it’s a little surprising that I’d never been there before. Even more surprising, Paola and her father had never been there before. It turns out, we hadn’t missed much. Not that there’s anything wrong with the place, but there isn’t too much special about it either. It’s no Guanajuato or Taxco. It’s not even a Queretaro. We have no plans to return. So if you want this postcard, leave a comment quickly. First come, first served, and an offer never to be repeated for this place! Anyone can claim it. Just leave that comment and send me an address to post it to using the Contact form.


11 thoughts on “Postcard from Cuernavaca

  1. Dan in NC` says:

    Gary, really surprised at your reaction to the town! I have a couple of friends in DF that state they would give their (place your own favorite body part here) to be able to move to the town.. Different strokes for different folks! Last card (Camel) met my need for postcards for a while!Thanks! Keep up the blogging and the photo’s – luv ’em!
    Dan in NC


    • I can see a million reasons why Cuernavaca would be a great place to live. DF is nearby, clean air, climte, nearer the beach, Taxco and other places, safe etc etc etc. But it didn’t appeal, as far as first impressions go, as the best place in Mexico to visit. I stress ‘first impressions’ though…to be fair we had just a couple of hours there.

      Glad the Camel card made it!


  2. s says:

    The Brady Museum in Cuernavaca is not to be missed. The Cathedral next door is pretty interesting, too. And a drink, at least, at Las Mananitas.


  3. KimG says:

    Of course it depends on the day, but the two times I’ve been in Cuernavaca, it’s been just as smoggy as DF. That was very disappointing.

    I agree. Taxco is WAY more charming and has WAY cleaner air.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • I spoke to a student this morning, and maybe I’m not mad in ‘dismissing’ Cuernavaca so dismissively! He does go there regularly, because friends live there, but he agrees that it’s a much better place to live than it is to visit.


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