Paradise City

In the not so distant future, Mexico City will be renamed Paradise City. And the drugs gangs will have been brought to heel. Security established. A clean environment won for the citizens. Modern and swish buildings will tower over revitalised landmarks. The year is 2033. According to this new sci-fi film about to open in Mexico. I might just go and see it, even if I won’t be able to follow the storyline exactly!


6 thoughts on “Paradise City

  1. Nez says:

    I was expecting worse from the trailer/movie after Obet’s comment, but it didn’t really seem “chafita” to me. Seems right in line with many Hollywood movies I’ve seen anyway. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning of the trailer, until I heard “illusion”…then my mexican senses went a-tinglin’ and my natural mexican pessimism went “aha, si”. That made more sense. The movie doesn’t look too bad. Thanks for sharing. I may watch it with the family (it can be rather difficult to find a movie we’re all willing to watch, especially since it has to be in Spanish in order to properly include my parents in it…it usually ends up in disaster). I’m sure the local Mexican shop will be selling their own copies of the movie in no time, as per usual 😉 so I’ll check in a few months.


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