Postcard of Mexico City Past

This is one of the coolest postcards I have found so far. And I think I’ve found a few cool postcards. This one very much fits into the Mexico City of the past theme from a recent blog post.  Want it? It can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment to claim it – first come first served. Then use the Contact page of the blog to write me an email to let me know where you want me to send it. And it’ll soon be on its way. Has it already been claimed? Perhaps there are some other cards yet to be claimed – have a look at the Postcards page.


7 thoughts on “Postcard of Mexico City Past

  1. Nez says:

    Your postcards just keep getting better and better. Each time I go “damn it…I should of waited for this one”. I’ll have to start my own Mexico postcard collection for when I’m in the area 🙂


  2. Hi Gary, The original painting is by Mexican artist Juan O’Gorman, who also did the great murals at UNAM. The painting is here in el DF at the Museo de Arte
    Moderno if you want to see the real thing. Thanks for all the great images on your blog–loved the snow-capped mountains.
    Jim J.


    • Hi Jim, glad to see you around here again. I knew I’d seen this painting before, but I couldn’t remember where. Is the MAM near the Rufin Tamayo?

      Happy to keep supplying the images!


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