I’ve written a few posts recently about my efforts at creating video content. firstly, I’m taking delivery of a new camera in a few days which will drastically improve the quality of video and audio out of the camera. I also tried out Corel VideoStudio Pro X3, to see if I could improve the quality and presentation of videos on my PC. I liked it, but I’ve since tried out Cyberlink PowerDirector 8. To be fair, they are both very similar, both in features, functions and even their user interfaces. They both worked pretty fast on my old laptop, but I slightly prefer PowerDirector. This is partly due to the fact I have been using PowerDirector 7 for the last year or so, and am just that little bit more familiar with the software. I also prefer the transitions they offer, and their production options – the bit where you turn your video into a file.

So last, but not least, having taken the footage with my camera, turned it into a movie on my PC, I need a host to keep and share the file online. I wrote a post about that not long ago too, weighing up the pros and cons of YouTube, Vimeo and Blip.tv. I made the point there that although Vimeo’s site and player are nice, the $60 they charge for annual membership is too much. And I was going to stick with YouTube. Except….I’ve changed my mind.

The simple fact is, Vimeo puts the highest quality video out onto the net. And as I’ve spent so much money on cameras and software, it seems a shame to skimp on the hosting. So I forked out. Now I am a Vimeo Plus member (click here to see my Vimeo page) with 5gb of weekly upload (plenty more than enough for my needs) and unlimited HD uploading and embedding. I do think they are very tight in limiting HD embed plays to 25,000 a year though. An embed play is when you embed one of your HD videos in a blog and someone presses the play button. That’s one play. If others embed your HD video in their blogs, you could get through your plays. But even if you use up all 25,000 plays (unlikely for me) then the video remains, just playing in SD quality. I have set my HD videos to be embeddable only on my blog – anyone else embedding one of my videos will have the SD option only.

That brings my total annual internet spending on subscriptions to a couple of coins under 1,500 pesos. About $115 in US money. Which is a fair amount for me. That’s $60 on Vimeo, $25 on Flickr, $20 on upgrades to let my WordPress blogs use their own domains, and about $10 for the two domain names. However, it’s only about 4 pesos a day. So I’ve had a cunning plan. I have a tin. I have a couple of print outs I created (below image) and I will be saving 4 pesos a day, every day. So at the end of the year, when it comes time to pay up, I have it ready.


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