FZ35 Gallery

When I buy, or am thinking of buying, or perhaps just interested in a new camera, I always check out Flickr to see what users of that model have been producing. Reviews are very useful, but it’s even more informative to see what the camera is capable of in capable hands! Here’s a gallery I’ve put together of photos taken by FZ35 owning Flickr users.


3 thoughts on “FZ35 Gallery

  1. Hi Gary!
    Thanks for the gallery. Long story short – we’ve done some travel in the last few years. Most of my shots were taken with an 8 meg Canon point and shoot. Then I got an Lx3 by Panasonic and learned about shooting wide. Missed the telephoto so, when we got back I traded the Lx3 for a Fz35 which I haven’t really used. Bought a Canon T2i (for my son)but he wants to get a Mark 2 so I have two cameras. I thought one has got to go so I took the Fz35 and the T2i out to compare. Did some night shooting and bright day photography this morning. In low light, no flash shooting, the Canon is great. The surprise was during the day. With decent light the Fz35 more than keeps up. True, I was using the “kit lens” with the Canon but the Fz35 delivered images that were as clean and sharp as the T2i. Several times I had to look to see which camera the picture came from. I figure it would cost me another 2 grand to get the zoom performance the Fz delivers.
    I just took back the Canon two hours ago and was feeling pretty sorry for my self thinking I will have to “make do” with the Fz. Then I saw your gallery. Wow! I’ve just seen how capable the Fz35 is in the right hands. Thanks to you, I am feeling much better about keeping the Fz35. I think I am going to order another Lx3 and carry the two cameras when we travel.
    Thanks again for your time.
    Chris Sorlie


    • Hi Chris,

      Glad you found the gallery useful! Actually the DSLR vs Compact debate is one I’ve been having with myself for a long time. I keep coming to the conclusion though, that in the absence of thousands of dollars to spend on lenses, my best choice is a compact.

      I’ve just written a new post on the subject with a new gallery to examine if you are interested!


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