Church of Santa Decay

Kim found out the name and story of this incredible church. I listened and then forgot. I await his comment to refresh my memory! But it is a fabulous church with an incredible interior, which has suffered the ravages of time, neglect and a leaky roof. Although I can’t help but feel that the decay is half of the charm. I do need to improve my video processing though. Flip transitions really don’t work well with video.


3 thoughts on “Church of Santa Decay

  1. Kim G says:

    Hola Gary!

    It’s the Church of La Nuestra Señora de San Loreto, the patron saint of those either homeless or with trouble seeking housing. It was shut for many years, during which rain seeped through the cracks in the roof and damaged the lovely painting on the ceiling. They’ve now fixed the roof, reopened the church, and are now trying to restore it.

    As your video amply demonstrates, it has amazingly good frescoes on the ceiling, and very nice stained glass windows. I tend to concur that the decay is part of the charm, but fully restored the church would be a wonder indeed.

    The design is unlike any other church in the Centro Historico. It looks more like a Roman-inspired Italian renaissance design, in contrast to the distinctly Spanish design of every other church I’ve seen in Mexico.

    For those intrepid readers who’d like to see for themselves, it’s a little Northeast of the Zócalo, on the corner of San Idelfonso and Rodriguez Puebla (or Jesus María, depending on the name of the street at that point), across from the Plaza Loreto.

    Happy hunting,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA


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