A Day At The Races

My blog is erring on the dark side at the moment. Hopping from drugs in the last post, to gambling in this one. Paola, myself and a fair chunk of her family set off for the Hipodromo de las Americas to watch some horses, have a little flutter, sample a beer or two and tuck into plates of carnitas. I’d been to the Centro Banamex before to see the 2008 Mexico City Motor Show, but this was the first time I’d gone to see the races.

It’s all good fun, and can be a cheapish day out if you control your betting. It’s about 20 pesos per person to get in and then you spend what you want to spend. I managed to come out about 50 pesos up with three or four wins. Paola on the other hand had to wait to the final race for a horse she picked to come in first. She cheered Number 3 down the straight and past the finishing pole – she may never forgive me for accidentally betting on Number 7 for her instead of her chosen steed. Click here to see the photos in Flickr. 


6 thoughts on “A Day At The Races

  1. Nez says:

    Never been to a horse race myself, but it does look like good fun. As a spectator. I’m a pretty horrible sore loser and I can only imagine how I’d get if I tried to do some betting of my own! Reminds me of an episode (can’t recall the name of the show) of your fellow compatriot Derren Brown and how he supposedly fooled people into thinking he had bet on the winning horse. He went to claim the money and was handed it over…after he only said he had won and the person didn’t bother to really verify. Something tells me that wouldn’t work for me though…

    P.S- Paola is clearly the better woman, as I would have relegated you to the couch for the remainder of the week, if you had done that to me!


  2. Kim G says:

    Amazing…I was there on Thursday for the Wal*Mart de Mexico meeting, and the track looked like it would have swallowed up any horse to its knees in mud.

    Glad you got a day at the races, though!


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma


    • They actually kept watering the track through the day, I assume to stop it disappearing in a cloud of dust. It was a warm day. I added a little more pink to the pink I collected on Friday. All vanished now though….I’ll never truly tan!


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