Spray Some Life

Mexico City is absolutely plagued with graffiti, with every visible surface being covered in paint. Some of it though, does go some way to cheering up what would otherwise be some pretty drab walls. Anyone who has spent and time wandering the streets of Mexico City will have noticed how everything is not as it seems. Don Felipe, if I remember rightly, has commented on the multi faced (maybe he simply said ‘two faced’) nature of Mexicans. There’s a front put on for view, but behind the scenes….but anyway, I can’t find his exact post now. Such is life.

Whether that is true or not is up to each intrepid traveller to decide for him or herself. Experiences do, I’m sure, vary substantially. But the architecture does back up his assertion. The fronts of houses are often painted in bright and colourful hues, with ornaments and pot plants presenting a welcoming facade. Look round the side though, and you’ll soon see that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is practiced as a matter of routine. The brick work is left raw, unpainted and with the cement bulging between the blocks.

This photo from some time ago isn’t the perfect example, because it is of a roof. But the effect is the same.  It is also, to be fair, an economically sound idea. We life in an age of thrift. Here more so, probably, than where you, dear reader,  are currently residing. But anyway, I like this wall, in the photo below. Local kids no doubt love this wall. And the lesser talented graffiti artists will also be attracted to it soon, and ruin it with their ugly and bland ‘tags’.


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