Surviving The Metro

The life of a Business English teacher has its ups and its downs. Mostly ups. Some would consider the hours upon hours spent on microbuses and the metro to be one of the downs. I try and be more positive, and make use of the time. I eat my lunch on a microbus, and make the best use of my iPod – podcasts. I keep having to explain to people what a podcast is, so I imagine this bit of tech still hasn’t quite gotten a hold on the mass market. It’s really just a radio show, wrapped up into an MP3 friendly format, and made available to download to your portable music device of choice. Or just listen to on your PC. You can subscribe through iTunes or any RSS reader, and every new episode makes its way to your PC fuss free.

There’s a whole load of podcasts I listen to, including football, tech, science and news related shows, mostly by the Guardian and the BBC. But my favourite at the moment, and the prompt for this post  is a relatively new series produced jointly by the BBC and the British Museum, entitled A History Of The World In A Hundred Objects. Each weekday a new 15 minute episode hits my iPod, with a new object and story. I’ve uploaded one of the most recent ones below, which is about the Olmecs of ancient Mexico – for all things on this blog must have a Mexican twist!

Interested in the idea of listening to a few podcasts? The homepage for the above series can be found here, and if you click here you’ll be directed to a page to download my exported Podcast subscription from iTunes which you can load up and play with in iTunes or an RSS reader.  Delete any you don’t like, and keep the ones you do. The photo below is one I took of a giant Olmec stone head in Parque Hundido in Mexico City last year.


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