Estrellas Del Bicentenario

Televisa have started showing some 3 minute clips, celebrating the beauty, both natural and cultural, of Mexico in the run up to the big Bicentenario celebrations in September. The video I’ve posted below is from the state of Sinaloa and features the Chepe railway – I took a ride on this awesome train from Los Mochis to Creel in 2003. To say I highly recommend you, whoever you are, do the same is a huge understatement.

The video features some very Mexican looking men and some very attractive, but not necessarily Mexican looking ladies. I’m sure there was logic in their casting choices and I for one am not arguing with them. At least they don’t look non Mexican I guess. The official webpage is here and their YouTube page is here. So far they’ve gotten seven states to agree to producing these three minute videos, the one below is for Sinaloa, but hopefully the other couple of dozen or so will join in the fun. And really, these videos shouldn’t be confined to Mexico – they are fantastic tools to help bring in a little tourism.


7 thoughts on “Estrellas Del Bicentenario

  1. Nez says:

    Oooh….digging the clip. Absolutely Gorgeous. Brilliant work. I know where I’m going! My Mexican itinerary expands by the day 😀

    As for the non Mexican ladies….

    A fellow train passenger gave me the usual line today…”but you don’t look Mexican. Mexicans are mostly short and….” yadda yadda yadda. When I look in the mirror, I see a very Mexican young woman staring back. I’m sure if you saw me you’d agree in the assessment, but everyone has their own idea of what a “Mexican” is. After seeing the range of looks in my family…I’ve quit defining the Mexican appearance, though I do believe there is a particular overall look (features) that can be far more commonly observed in Mexico. Even if our own television programs don’t show it. We’re hardly a country of towering blonds. Anyway…the point is…I forgot. I guess I do understand the casting choices and I know not “all” Mexicans fit a specific profile, but ummm…well…we know how these thing’s go.

    Sigh. Beauty is a touchy subject for us Mexicans. Let me get off my soapbox before I start getting into issues this blog post hasn’t even started!


    • Ah, yes, the argument over what makes a ‘real Mexican’! It is difficult! I would say, and I think few would argue with me, that the vast majority of Mexicans can be split into three groups – Spanish looking, indigenous looking, and in-between looking. The latter often referred to as the Mestizos. The former accounting for a very small proportion of the population.

      And yet, when it comes time to film a nice scenic clip or movie, or recruit a receptionist at an office, the former often get the job, despite representing a much smaller part of the Mexican community. It isn’t rare to stroll into the HQ of any decent sized business and see a trio of tall, fair skinned stunning beauties behind the desk.

      So when I say ‘non Mexican looking’ I am not really being terribly accurate….but it’s the quick and easy way of making the point I’ve just taken two paragraphs to make!


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