I wrote yesterday about Fluidr and mentioned I have a blog with Posterous. So perhaps I should take the opportunity to promote it a little. Posterous is just another blogging platform, with its own twists. One of those twists is a particularly easy to use bookmarklet, that when clicked will send the photo on the page I’m on to my blog. I try and add one photo a day, all of images licensed on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons licenses are cool, as are the photographers who use them. I often find it a little sad that so many photographers get so overly protective of their images and mark them all All Rights Reserved. In other words, they lock their photos up – view it there on their Flickr stream and nowhere else.

With pro photographers who earn cash from their shots, that’s fine. And sensible. In fact, essential. But so many people use  All Rights Reserved when, truth be told, they are never going to sell any images, or at least are not going to earn enough to make it worthwhile to lock up their shots. Good as they are. It’s a shame, because they limit the exposure their shots will get and limit the number of people who will see them.

I license all my photos on a fairly generous CC license. Use my photos wherever you like so long as it is non commercial – just credit me. Even on the odd occasion I’ve had a request for a photo for commercial purposes I have given my consent without demanding payment. It’s just fantastic to see one of my photos printed in a book or magazine. Reward enough for me.

So my Imagen blog is just a way of promoting, albeit in a little way, great photos I see on Flickr that have the same generous licensing as me. A way of getting these excellent shots a little bit more exposure. My way of acknowledging that this photographer is cool. My Imagen blog can be seen here, and if you want a fantastic photo delivered to your email or RSS reader each day, feel free to subscribe to it.


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