Vimeo v YouTube

A couple of months ago I decided to fork out $60 for a Vimeo Plus account. The free account just didn’t provide the features I needed, and I liked the player and community sufficiently to go the premium route. I was also impressed by all the good things I heard about the quality of video hosted on Vimeo. And my initial impressions were good.

But my latest video has me questioning my earlier judgment. I uploaded the same file to both Vimeo and YouTube and when comparing them both, am convinced that YouTube is reproducing the video a significant degree smoother. The quality looks to be just that little bit superior to Vimeo. Which, having spent that $60, would be mighty disappointing.

So my questions are these. Is it just me, or does the video on YouTube look better to you as well? If it does, have you any idea why this should be. I produce the raw files in the .m2ts format – could it be possible that YouTube handles these files better than Vimeo, and that if I produce files in a different format, I’d get a better result on Vimeo?


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