Basilica Postcard

It’s been a while since I last had a postcard up for grabs. At least….ummm…a month? Well, anyway, here’s another one. Bought from the Basilica de Guadalupe gift shop during my visit there last Friday. I had actually been following a sign saying ‘artículos religiosos’ assuming I’d find a collection of treasured icons and priceless religious paintings. Turns out that artículos religiosos is actually just posh Catholic speak for ‘cheap and tacky gift shop’.

If you want this postcard, leave a comment quickly. First come, first served.  Anyone can claim it. Just leave a comment and tell me what address to post it to using the Contact form. As easy as that.


4 thoughts on “Basilica Postcard

  1. Elizabeth says:

    O.K., I’m holding back because I got the last one…but, if no one wants it within a reasonable (whatever that is) length of time, and you still want to give it away…I’d like it. When I’m in California waiting for the economy to improve enough for someone to buy my house so I can live full time, instead of part time, in Mexico, I am in a town with a population of 750. The postmistress loves it when I get mail from Mexico! Gives her something to chat about!


    • I can send it to you, no probs, and get some tongues wagging in your little town! If you’ll do me a small favour in return…..did I ask you to do some clicks on some ads last time too? I had this deal with a couple of ladies who wanted extra postcards before…..3 clicks a day for three days. I’m still inching nearer and nearer the $100 minimum payout!


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