Kodak Reflex II

I sometimes stroll up an old avenue in Mexico City, Alvaro Obregon, which has an antiques/arts street market at the weekends. And I often stop at stalls with old cameras there for sale. I’m tempted. My photography hobby really grew up in the digital age, and film is not something I ever played with. An old Kodak Reflex caught my attention last time, so I’ve investigated it’s history. It really is an old camera, circa 1940’s. I do wonder how much time and effort (and cash)  it would cost me to buy it, get it working, if it isn’t already, and get shooting with it.

I’ve found a few very helpful pages on the web which do suggest that this project would be perfectly possible.  There tips on how to use 120 film on a 620 camera, Ken Rockwell has some interesting input, B&H stock the film and there’s a PDF repair book available. I guess first things first though….go check the camera out again and see what sort of state it is in and what the asking price is. It would at least make a nice ornament if nothing else worked out!


4 thoughts on “Kodak Reflex II

  1. I didn’t. I decided that this particular camera would be too much hard work as far as fixing film inside it goes! I’m still checking the market out now and again though, looking for something a little easier to work with.


    • BJ says:

      I got one. Ran one roll of film through it so far. It is really nice. Not as hard to work with as I thought. 120 roll will fit on the supply side as long as you trim the edges of the spool with something like toenail clippers. Really nice camera. I got mine for around $20 shipped on ebay.


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