State Of The Blog Address

My vanity poll got far more votes than I expected – 359 in total! Ok, so that’s not 359 individual people, but still…more than 50 unique visitors contributed. The results were interesting. I’ve often wondered about who visits, what they visit for, what sort of posts they prefer. Now I need wonder no more. And thanks to a helpful little online graph generator, I’ve got the results. Who would have thunk it. I thought everyone, or almost everyone, used RSS feeds for blogs and the like these days. Turns out twice as many people visit the blog as use Google Reader or whatever RSS device they prefer. I guess my efforts to make the blog look purty wasn’t as in vain as I assumed. I had 10 lurkers vote too, and 13 people stated that they’d never commented but might one day. Dudes, don’t you know that that makes you a lurker! At least three people didn’t know that…

It also turns out that people like long, or at least longish posts, and read the whole thing. Another surprise. I prefer to read posts that are 2 or three normal paragraphs long. Any more and I’m likely to stop reading and start scanning. I’m pretty lazy.

The reaction to my efforts seems positive! I generate more laughs than thoughts of violence. Although the violence provoking posts are there it seems. It’s good to be controversial, at least now and again! I wonder what I said? No, I don’t want to know. I wouldn’t want future posts unduly influenced by the desire to be nice!

As for content, I gotta be honest – if a blogger reports solely about a country I turn off. Straight away. There are better sources for that. Blogging about the tea party you went to, and the new handbag you bought? Yawn. I like to read about people’s experiences in the country they are living in, how they interact with the place and people, the discoveries they make. How did the Swine Flu pandemic affect you, and what did you see? That’s interesting. Telling me that there is a pandemic is old news. Describing the new look your face mask gives you is boooooring.

Clearly most people who take the time to read my posts have links to Mexico. Equally clearly, a fair number of them will disappear when I blog from London. But not all, which is nice to know. It’s also nice to know that most of my visitors come through other blogs. Thanks Steve! Oh, and two people claim to be my mum.

As for the other questions which are not represented here. No one wants me to delete my blog, so obviously I’m not as controversial as I’d hoped. Twelve people think posts should have a photo. One disagreed. There’s always one. Colour blind I suspect! A whopping 24 people do actually click on links in my sidebar now and then, whilst ten have not. Seems the links are worthwhile then. And four people think that the conflabulatory style of writing is absolutely tonterrious. One person left a comment to tut tut at my spelling, suggesting that I perhaps meant to write tonitruous. I didn’t mean any such think of course. 🙂

One other person commented that they couldn’t remember how they found my blog. I can’t help them I’m afraid, I don’t remember how they found my blog either. Another person hoped to find inspiration here for their Diego Rivera course work. I have left links to sites that might do just that, I guess. And lastly I received this comment : “I just found your blog yesterday…so I’m not all that experienced in the M” . I can guess what M stands for, but there are potential innuendo options which are much funnier.

Thanks for reading, voting, commenting etc etc etc!


7 thoughts on “State Of The Blog Address

  1. Rats, I missed the poll, but I’m probably best classified as a “Lurker”, although I always read entire posts when I have time. You sent me a post card from MC a few months back, and the free Old Style (its a Chicago beer for those who’ve never heard) offer still stands if you’re ever in Chicago. I’ll try to start commenting more (in a contributory way) … Keep on writing, doing a great job.


    • You never know…I havem’t been to Chicago in a while, and seeing as I’m saving up for the UK return, I’m not likely to any time soon. But one day, I’ll be back in Chicago, and I like free things…..! 🙂


  2. That is so cool! Would you mind especially if I stole your idea? I promise to change all mentions of Mexico to London first but I’m quite heartened by the response you received!


    • Course you can. I gotta say I was stunned to get more than 50 people vote. I know there’s plenty of blogs who’ll get much more attention than I ever get, but still….compared to my average Photo of the Month totals, this was awesome! I guess I managed to squeeze a few lurkers outta the woodwork on this occasion!


  3. steve says:

    Not sure what this means.

    If your tally suggests “mention puppies more” .. then do you do that?
    I mean, I love puppies.. actually Keyboard Kitty more ; …. I see where you are coming from,
    in an attempt to
    see who you readers are, but on the other hand, if they tell you to keep it short.. a paragraph or two… (?) fortunately, they said no, keep it long.

    I understand where this can go, because if one more person asks me to make them a Frida backpack, where she is
    wearing the swine flu surgical mask, I will eat my own brain. I only made 50 last year.
    Except that I got an order for one tonight, so I dutifully assembled one.

    So, I may protest, and say “Ignore your readers, do what you like!” You are your own blog!

    BUT I myself will make exactly what
    is asked, even if I made it 50 times before. (perhaps cash is being offered?)

    Like Joni Mitchell said about songs vs. painting:

    no one ever asked Van Gogh : “Paint A Starry Night again, man!”

    So, keep it your own blog, and be inclined to tell commenters to ‘stuff it’ even if it’s
    not in your nature. Then I MIGHT read it after your return to England.

    no promises, or course,



    • Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll carry on as per normal! To be honest, I think 3 or 4 paragraphs is normally enough. Sometimes less, sometimes more….depends what I’m waffling on about! When I bore myself, I know I’m going wrong…


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