Things To Do Before….

…before I die? Or just before I leave Mexico, perhaps. I really need to climb to the top of the Angel of Independence. Maybe I’ll get around to that this very Sunday. I have high hopes for the photographic opportunities the extra height would provide. Assuming the pollution isn’t too bad. I like heights, so another ‘must’ is to have dinner at Bellinis (I think that’s the name, from memory…), the revolving restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center on Insurgentes.

But more than either of those, but keeping in with the theme of heights, I want to take a ride over Teotihuacan in a hot air balloon. It’s only a couple of thousand pesos. I say only, because for a tourist, that isn’t too bad. For poor me, saving hard for my return trip to the UK already, it’s a couple of thousand pesos too much. So I haven’t been, and unless I have a financial turn of fortune, I may not get to go. But I haven’t given up hope yet…but until then I can only post someone else’s photos. The link to which I’ve lost, so I can’t offer credit, although I’ve shrunk the originals enough to be ‘fair use’. I think. If you have got the cash, the people you need to see about this are Volare.


10 thoughts on “Things To Do Before….

  1. Nez says:

    I’ve always wanted to ride a hot air balloon. My phobia of heights and my paranoia of dying a freakish death that either involves drowning or falling from a great height…isn’t going to get me in one any time soon. Sigh. I probably just further jinxed myself. Please ride one on my behalf!


  2. steve says:

    A couple thousand pesos?? GAK!

    Is there a ‘budget’ Hot Air Balloon service?
    (of course, maybe that would not be a good thing, after all)



  3. steve says:

    I have to say, that here in San Miguel there is also a hot air balloon, which you can see if you are up at
    7 or 8 in the morning (most here are still sleeping off the night’s drinking; of course, not me! Really!)

    But it’s dirty. I mean, all the photos we’ve seen– in our lives, of Hot Air Balloons.. they are all brightly colored, awesome things. Of course they must get dirty, at some point… but we never see that.

    Maybe there is no laundry machine big enough to service these balloons. Maybe they get dirty because there is FIRE inside of them?

    have you often EVER seen a dingy Hot Air Balloon? No, you haven’t. (Except at
    an underfunded childrens’ theme park. But, you know…)

    oh, dear, I’ve gone on too long, and made some more enemies!



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