Run For Water

I’ve mentioned water, or the lack of it at Chez Denness before. Many times. Normally my posts are about frustrated stories of me staring at the taps wishing they’d dispense some of the agua pura. Or, if not entirely pure, at least clean enough to wash with. But I’ve decided to stop my wishful thinking and take action, although it has to be said it is an action on behalf of the many hundreds of millions of people who have far more dire water supply issues that I do.

On April 18th there is a global event, Run For Water. The purpose, I imagine (having not read every last bit of  text on their website), is to raise awareness of water shortages and put a few dollars into helping alleviate the situation. It’s a big ask – I read somewhere recently that within 20 years there will be only 60% of the water required, on a daily basis, available. Numbers are often deceptive pieces of guesswork but I don’t think anyone is in any doubt that a growing population on planet Earth is going to struggle in the near future to find sufficient water supplies when the supply is already inadequate today. I’ll make my own prediction – within 50 years more wars will be fought for water than for oil.

Anyway, I forked out a total of 400 pesos for two entries to the Mexico City event – I managed to persuade Paola to come along too. It’s only 6kms and you can run, jog or walk. As you see fit. Can I persuade you? It’s as good a cause as any. You get a medal for finishing – I think. It doesn’t cost a fortune. And it’s a perfectly good excuse to get out on a Sunday morning and have a nice stroll round your part of town. With a bit of atmosphere thrown in. If you’re going to give it a go, let me know. I’ll bet anyone who is having a go $1 that I can beat their time. I’m aiming for a sub 30 minute run, so I’m not entirely unbeatable! The $1 of course, goes to the Run For Water fund!

So, really, give it a go. There are events in plenty of cities. Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, LA, New York, Milwaukee, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, London, Oslo, Berlin, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Buenos Aries and loads more. The full list is here. Few of you have an excuse. Steve, you’re lucky on two counts – the ankle and your location. Mr K, Boston is conspicuous by its absense, but Marlborough isn’t that far. Or Martha’s Vineyard if you feel uber adventurous! 🙂

The Dow Live Earth Run for Water – to take place April 18, 2010 – will consist of a series of 6 km run/walks (the average distance many women and children walk every day to secure water) taking place over the course of 24 hours in countries around the world, featuring concerts and water education activities aimed at igniting a tipping point to help solve the water crisis. Jessica Biel, Alexandra Cousteau, Pete Wentz, and Angelique Kidjo will lend their names and their time in support of this important cause.


15 thoughts on “Run For Water

  1. steve (formerly Blinky) says:

    In San Miguel we have enough water for 6 more years. (not including the new sub-divisions being built around the edge of town). Actually it’s 5 years, now.

    No one wants to talk about it, much.
    (Especially the Real Estate people! )



    • That’s definitely not a selling point. And it has to be said, water is a big plus side to moving to the UK. Not that there are no worries for the future there as well, but water shortages in the UK simply mean you can’t spray your lawn for hours on end. Rather than the taps going dry.


  2. I have always doubted, and continue to do so, that these high-profile activities have any effect whatsoever on the problems in question. But it would be fun to get out and enjoy the day, I guess. Buena suerte, señor.


    • I can’t think of one that has solved a problem. Or come close to. But social media was too late to join in the fight with small pox.

      I do believe in ‘little by little’. Little is sadly often the operative word. And I have to confess I know little about this organisation.

      But as you say, it is good to get out.

      PS Maybe if I run fast enough I can collect the drops of sweat, purify them, recycle them…..


    • steve says:

      Oh, Felipe,
      you are so bitter! More so than me? Perhaps not?

      Over drinks, I bet I could out-bitter you.


      (perhaps we could be partners in bitterness.. or partners in denial, at least!)

      in Bitter san Miguel


  3. Daniel Sosa Tellez says:

    It is incredibly silly that Mexico City receives so much rainfall every year (70 inches, almost three times more rain than London) and yet we have worse water problems than bloody Cairo!

    One of the problems is that water used to be extremely cheap in Mexico City and naturally people (especially the middle class and the rich) didn’t have a strong incentive to minimize its consumption. My mum for instance never told me “don’t waste water” but she would ask me not to waste electricity, for instance (it is more expensive).

    Now they have increases water prices, but arbitrarily and only for people living in neighborhoods that bureaucrats think are inhabited by uniformly rich people… My family sacrificed a lot of space to live to a more central neighborhood in an apartment and now the water receipt will be higher as a result! How is that fair?

    Anyway, politicians hate simplicity, they love regulations, rules and everything arbitrary so that they can exercise their power (sorry about going off on this rant)


    • The other big problem that you didn’t mention, is of course the number of people trying to get at that water! What is it now, 28 million and counting? And even if the governments of recent decades had been spending the money on the city and not themselves, the sudden and massive population growth would have been difficult to keep up with infrastructure wise.


      • Daniel Sosa Tellez says:

        I totally agree.
        However, your estimate of the population of the city is too high – 28 million???
        There are 8.7 million in Mexico City proper (DF), and the entire population of Estado de Mexico is less than 14 million. Some of the latter are also part of greater Mexico City, but obviously many people live in Estado de Mexico far away from greater Mexico City (e.g. Toluca ain’t part of it).

        The metropolitan area of Mexico City has some 19 million people, that’s including some 50 municipalities of Estado de Mexico and 1 from Hidalgo (Tizayuca).
        Which means that we are, sadly, only the 4th largest city in the world after greater New York City, Seoul and Tokyo (this last one has some 33 million I think… Tokyo-Kawasaki-Yokohama… I’ve been there and it’s truly much much bigger than Mexico City)


      • I regularly see such variance in the total given population for Mexico City, usually ranging from 22 million to 28 million. The latter probably is too high. Different organisations have different sticks by which they measure the sizes of cities. I have no idea when (or if) the last census was carried out. Would be interesting to know.

        As far as I know, although it’s rarely recorded in any of the popular charts, there’s half a dozen or more Chinese cities which now top all the others.


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